Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project #15: PBL Lesson Plan

Animal Habitats


In this lesson, second graders will learn about the components of a habitat. The students will create a drawing of the habitat they would like to visit and present their creation to the class. The student will have to clearly identify the habitat chosen and state why they would like to visit this habitat. The students will play fun and interactive educational games online that will reinforce the components of habitats. The students will also become familiar with a poem about habitats.

Animal Habitats: Project Overview

Animal Habitats: Project Calendar

Animal Habitats: Project Grading Rubric

Animal Habitats: Poem

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  1. Hi Brylyn. I like your lesson plan. I think the kids will love this activity. I like how the kids will be able to decorate the door and that their parents will be able to see their creations.