Wednesday, November 20, 2013

C4K Summary for November

William "Billy"

Billy is a year 8 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. He is in Mrs. Nau and Mr. Barks class.

Rock Climbing Wall

Billy's Blog Post "My Holiday"

Billy had 40 minutes this morning to write what ever he wanted on his blog. He also was given this time to set a goal for himself for this term.

Billy mentioned in his post that he is involved in a youth group at church. He said that he went to his youth meeting and the group had plans to go to Rocket Ropes. Billy mentioned that they first put on all the safety gear. Billy said he was not afraid of heights, but once he was looking down from the top of the rock, he got scared! Billy said after this experience, he went to his friends house and they ate supper. He concluded his post by saying his goal for this term is to write properly.

My Comment on Billy's "My Holiday"

In my comment on Billy's post, I introduced myself and explained where I attend college. I also explained to his that I was commenting on his post as an assignment in EDM310. I first asked Billy what Rocket Ropes is. I thought it is a rock climbing place, but I was not sure. I told Billy that I was afraid of heights. I then asked Billy what Superstar was. I thought it was a restaurant, but I was not for sure. I told Billy that writing properly is a great goal to set for yourself at all times. I told him that when blogging and sharing his work with such a vast audience, it is very important to write properly.

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog: "Our First EdCamp"


Mrs. Yollis brought EdCamp to her 3rd grade class. At the beginning of the week, students posted ideas for sessions. There were several sessions offered. Throughout the day, students put tally marks next to sessions they'd be interested in attending that afternoon. Like in other EdCamps, students were told that if a session was not meeting their needs or wasn't what they expected, they were free to move to a more appropriate session. Sessions chosen indcluded: Rainbow Looming, drawing, World Book Online Encyclopedia, cursive writing, and shortcuts on computers. At the end of the EdCamp, students stood up one at a time and shared something they learned from the session they attended.

My Comment on "Our First EdCamp"

In my comment, I introduced myself by explaining who I am, what college I attend, and that I was commenting on their post as an assignment in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I told Mrs. Yollis and her students that their first EdCamp sounded like so much fun! I enjoyed looking at the pictures from their first EdCamp on their blog post. I told Mrs. Yollis that I liked how she gave her students a voice and a choice in creating this EdCamp. I told the students that I would love for them to teach me about looming. I mentioned that I read in the post that the students and Mrs. Yollis will be holding an EdCamp every Friday. I asked Mrs. Yollis if new sessions will be created for each week. I invited Mrs. Yollis and her class to view my blog and provided a link to it.

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