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C4K Summary for October

C4K #5: Brodie Pickle's Blog

Brodie is in Ms. Eppele's 4th/5th grade class in British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Eppele calls her class on her blog "The Pickles". Each student lists their first name, and adds "Pickle" as their last name. I found this a neat idea!

Out of my Mind
Ms. Eppele's class is reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. Ms. Eppele had her class view a book trailer for Out of My Mind before reading the book. She also had her class read a summary of Out of My Mind before reading the book. Ms. Eppele provided the questions to be answered by students in her blog. Brodie's post "Chapter 8 and 9" answered questions regarding Out of My Mind provided by Ms. Eppele.

The questions Ms. Eppele asked for Ch. 8 and 9 are as follows:

A. Check out this site to learn more about service dogs: Service Dogs. Butterscotch really helped Melody when she fell out of her chair! What other jobs do dogs do for people? What are some things you can do to help if you see a service dog?

B. How do you think Melody will react to having a new sibling in the house?

C. What themes or big ideas do you think Sharon Draper is trying to get us to think about as we read these chapters?

Brodie's Response to Questions Asked in His Blog Post "Chapter 8 and 9"

Brodie responded to part A of the question my mentioning that Butterscotch is a good dog and service dogs can help blind or partially-sited people, along with the injured. Brodie answered part B by mentioning that Melody will probably be a bit jealous of a new sibling. Brodie answered part C by saying, "I think Sharon Draper is trying to get us confused because I am."

My Comment to Brodie's Blog Post "Chapter 8 and 9"

In my comment to Brodie, I explained where I am from, what college I attend, and the reason for commenting on his post. I told Brodie that I watched the book trailer and read the summary Ms. Eppele provided in a blog post for Out of My Mind. I mentioned that the book sounds awesome! I asked Brodie how he is liking the book so far, and asked him what about chapter 8 and 9 is confusing him. I told Brodie that maybe if he read over chapter 8 and 9 again he would get a better understanding of the two chapters. I explained to Brodie that sometimes I have to read over things a couple of times in order to get a better understanding of what I am reading. I thanked Brodie for sharing his post with me. I invited him to check out my blog and the EDM310 class blog.

C4K #6: Patrick's Blog

Patrick is a student in Mrs. Hartooni's period one 7th grade class.

Patrick's Blog Post "Gardening"


In Patrick's blog post Gardening, he mentions that he is so happy he will get to garden in his 7th grade class because he and his dad used to have a garden in their back yard. Patrick wrote that he and his dad grew watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, and artichokes, but the artichokes did not work out so well. Patrick mentioned that he is excited to garden again, and his fellow classmates he will be gardening with seem "pretty cool." Patrick mentions that he does not want to grow flowers because he would rather grow food items. Patrick mentioned that he was not sure what items he and his classmates would be growing, but that he cannot wait to begin gardening.

My Comment on Patrick's 'Gardening"

In my comment on Patrick's blog post, I introduced myself, explained where I attend college, and explained that I was commenting on his post as an assignment in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I told Patrick that I could really tell he liked to garden and that I was glad he would get to garden in his class this year. I explained to Patrick that my dad and I have a garden behind our house also, and told him all the types of vegetables we grow. I told Patrick that we usually grow an overabundance of squash, but unfortunately, this year we had a hard time keeping the deer from eating all the squash. I told Patrick that my favorite vegetable we grow in our garden would definitely have to be cucumbers because my dad and I pickle the cucumbers. They are really yummy! I told Patrick that I would really like to try growing watermelon in our garden like he and his dad did. I wished Patrick good luck with growing his garden this year and invited him to check out my blog and the EDM310 class blog.

C4K #7: Amily's Blog

Super Mom

Amily is a student in Mr. So's 2nd grade class in Canada.

Amily's Blog Post "My Hero"

Amily's blog post My Hero is about who she views as a hero in her life. Amily writes that her mom is her hero because she packs her lunch and works very hard. Amily also states that her mom is "the best mom ever." Amily includes in her post that her mom is like a super hero because even when Amily gets hurt her mom stays with her. Amily included in her post that she loved her mom a lot.

My Comment on Amilys's post "My Hero"

In my comment on Amily's blog post I introduced myself, told her where I attend college, and explained that I was commenting on her post as an assignment in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I told Amily that I really enjoyed reading about her hero. I told her that her mom seems very loving and caring. I explained to Amily that my mom is also my hero. I told Amily that when I was elementary school my mom would sometimes write me sweet notes and stick them in my lunchbox. I told her that getting to read that note at lunchtime was the highlight of my day! I told Amily that moms are very special. I then asked Amily if she had any siblings because she mentioned in her post that her mom "takes care of us." I told Amily that her post was great and to keep up the hard work. I invited Amily to check out my blog and the EDM310 class blog.

C4K #8: Will K.'s Blog


Will is a student in Mrs. Geldes' 4th grade class in Nebraska.

Will K.'s Blog Post "Autumn"

In Will's blog post Autumn he wrote about what autumn feels, looks, and smells like in Nebraska. Will mentions that autumn in Nebraska is very brisk, and that the leaves are in the process of changing colors. The picture I included above is the picture Will included in his post. Will mentioned that he liked to go to Vala's pumpkin patch and get pumpkins during the fall/autumn months. Will included that autumn smells like pumpkin pies. Will then proceeds to ask his reader: What do you do in the fall? Where do you go? How do you celebrate? Will concludes his post by mentioning that he likes to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and watch football.

My Comment on Will K.'s Blog Post "Autumn"

In my comment on Will's post, I introduced myself and explained that I was commenting on his post as an assignment in EDM 310. I told Will that I thoroughly enjoyed reading his blog post and that fall is my favorite time of the year. I told Will that during the fall I love to sit on my back porch on chilly mornings with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee. I also told Will that I am a big college football fan, and that a Saturday is not complete during the fall months without cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide! I then told Will that I live near the Gulf Shores beaches and that my favorite time of the year to visit the beach is during the fall months. I told Will that the weather at the beach during this time is perfect and the water is crystal clear. I thanked Will for sharing his post and told him to keep up the good work.

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