Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Collaborative Thoughts on "Mr. Dancealot"

The youtube video Mr.Dancealot honestly made myself, Stephanie, and Courtney laugh. Mr. Dancealot obviously does not plan on his students "dancing a lot" after they complete his Social Dance course! How could Mr. Dancealot expect his students to learn how to dance when his feet were hidden behind a table and he did not allow students to mimic the dance moves he was teaching the class? Yes, Mr. Dancealot had a powerpoint that instructed the students on how to properly do the dance moves, but that simply was not enough instruction for a student to learn how to dance. Mr. Dancealot completely lost the students' attention due to his poor teaching techniques. The main message our group collaboratively got from Mr. Dancealot was that you have to learn by doing. After watching this video, we were reminded the importance of interactive learning. Students go to school to learn. In order for students to learn, teachers need to give students opportunities to learn. If Mr. Dancealot would have allowed his students to mimic the steps he was teaching the class, the students would have remembered how to do these steps come time for their final exam. Not only would the students remember the steps for the final exam, they would remember the steps for many years to come.

Authors: Courtney Brown, Brylyn Cowling, and Stephanie Faison

Brylyn Cowling's Thoughts on "Teaching in the 21st Century"

Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge in the 21st century classroom according to Kevin Roberts. Students have virtually limitless information and can find information on anything, anywhere, at anytime. If teachers can provide content, facts, formulas, dates, research, stories, theories, and information then a teacher's role in the lives of students in the 21st century classroom is obsolete. Teaching in the 21st century means to provide learning experiences for students. Ask students to solve problems that require them to find out information with the tools they use every day such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, Google, YouTube, or blogs. Kevin Roberts' thoughts on how he sees teaching changing are more than accurate. Teachers and students live in a technology driven society and in order for students to be prepared for his or her future outside of the classroom they need be given opportunities in the classroom to solve problems independently using the tools they have at their fingertips. The technology driven society we live in will have a huge affect on me as an educator. Daily I need to asses myself and ask, "Is this lesson going to prepare my students for his or her future outside of my classroom?" And if not, "How can I manipulate this lesson to give my students an opportunity to dig deeper and gain knowledge on the subject matter through the tools I have in my classroom?" As an educator, I will need to constantly educate myself on the current technological tools so I can then provide my students with opportunities to gain knowledge by exploring these new tools as well.

Author: Brylyn Cowling

Stephanie Faison's Response to "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts"

Ms. Davis' use of technology in the classroom enables her class to connect to other students around the world. She also employs a tactic I feel very strongly about, which is allowing students to teach each other. Having to explain a concept to your peers is a wonderful way to make a lesson stick. She stated in the video that some of the students were figuring things out on their own and would show her what they learned. In this day and age, it seems like a lot of young people seem have an innate knowledge of technology. Utilizing this knowledge and building on it, Ms. Davis is creating a unique classroom environment. By stepping aside and letting students teach the class and using project based learning, she creates a greater sense of community amongst the student body. As a class, they will be a more effective unit because they have all taught one another. Students communicate with each other better than a teacher can, so they will all be on the same wavelength with the lessons. This also plays into having them communicate with other students around the world. They create their own networks, which will be very valuable resources as they get older. Being able to make friends digitally is a valuable skill in this day and age because the human race is now a global community. Having those outside connections will be very helpful for them in the long run and the self-teaching skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Author: Stephanie Faison

Courtney Brown's Response to "The Networking Student"

While watching the video towards the beginning I asked myself, "What will the teacher do?" There was no lecture, no books, and only one class with the teacher. As I continued to watch it became more clear. The concept of networking to research your topics could be better than having a teacher. As I continued to watch it became even more clear. Networking provides access to people from all different walks of life. You can encounter people that have had first hand experience with the topics you are researching, for example, experts on the topic and people just expressing their opinions. You are allowed to see different perspectives, including some you might have never considered. When you're forced to look at something from a different view, it gets your mind going and makes you ask more questions. The more questions you ask, the more answers you have to research. It becomes an ongoing cycle of information you get to absorb. You then become your own teacher. Once I understood the full concept, I was able to answer my own question. What will the teacher do? The teacher will be a regulator. She will make sure the students know the rules to follow in order for the students to teach themselves efficiently.

Author: Courtney Brown
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  1. Comment on collaborative part of the assignment:

    "The youtube video Mr.Dancealot honestly made myself..." me, not myself. See I/me/myself.

    Since this is a collaborative post it is supposed to be a common product. If that were the case it would have been written like this: The youtube video Mr.Dancealot honestly made all three of us, Stephanie, Courtney, and Brylyn..."

    Thoughtful. Interesting. Well done.

  2. Comment on Brylyn's individual part of the assignment:

    I am glad you understand that teaching is changing to educators providing opportunities and an atmosphere for students to learn rather than giving them the information to remember.

    I like that you put the questions you would ask yourself when assessing your teaching strategies, keep those in mind when you are in your classroom!

    Well done this week! Keep it up.